Sports Today June 2, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores Big baseball news today. The Japan Nippon Professional Baseball league started preseason play marking the return of major sports to Japan. The South Korean KBO league played a full set of games overnight and the Taiwan CPBL has one game close to wrapping up. There are aContinue reading “Sports Today June 2, 2020”

Sports Today May 27, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores The Bundesliga has a full set of matches today including Leipzig who is trying to move into a tie with Dortmund for 2nd place behind Bayern Munich. Other matches include full slates of games in Costa Rica and Czechia as well as a few games in theContinue reading “Sports Today May 27, 2020”

Sports Today May 21, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores It is relatively quiet today. There was one football match in Burundi that just wrapped up and there is one upcoming match in Belarus. In baseball the KBO league completed a full slate of games early this AM our time. In news: Lessons from 1918 via SunContinue reading “Sports Today May 21, 2020”

Sports Today May 17, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores So far so good in the return of the Bundesliga yesterday. Bundesliga play continues today with top of the table Bayern Munich facing Union Berlin. There are four matches in the 2. Bundesliga as well today. In Taiwan the TFPL is completing a set of matches rightContinue reading “Sports Today May 17, 2020”

Sports Today May 16, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores: World Baseball Scores Today marks a major milestone in the return of sports. In Germany the Bundesliga returns with a full slate of games in a continuation of their recently suspended season. This really is a dry run for all the leagues to follow in the coming weeks and months.Continue reading “Sports Today May 16, 2020”

Sports Today May 15, 2020

World Soccer / Football Scores World Baseball Scores There are a full slate of KBO baseball games getting close to wrapping up with one postponement. The CBL baseball league in Taiwan has all four teams playing right now in two games that are close to wrapping up. In Belarus, the Premier league has one matchContinue reading “Sports Today May 15, 2020”

Sports Today May 14, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores The KBO wrapped up a whole slate of games early this AM. The CPBL in Taiwan has one game today that is still in process. In football/soccer there is one game in Turkmenistan in the Yokary Liga. In news: German Bundesliga returns via ESPN. Expected start datesContinue reading “Sports Today May 14, 2020”

Sports Today May 13, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores KBO played a full slate of games in baseball today as did the CPBL. In Turkmenistan, the Yokary Liga is playing three games right now. In news: Here is a roundup on what colleges are trying to do to restart via ESPN. No audiences are big trouble for minor leaguesContinue reading “Sports Today May 13, 2020”

Sports Today May 12, 2020

Unlike many leagues the CFL needs fans in the stands to survive via Washington Post. The UK government allows return of EPL on June 1 via ESPN. MLB owners approve baseball return in July now players have to agree via ESPN. Youth sports in Nebraska can return in June with rules via 1011Now. A goodContinue reading “Sports Today May 12, 2020”

Sports Today May 10, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores Overnight the KBO baseball league played a full slate of games. The CPBL also played two games with one already concluded and the other one close to finishing. In football / soccer, Belarus has four games that will be played this AM with one underway already. InContinue reading “Sports Today May 10, 2020”