Sports Today April 15, 2020

In my home state of California there are some initial talks about reducing restrictions. It’s probably going to be a few weeks before we have any idea how that is going to play out but I am glad that there are talks about ending the lockdown. Not sure what this means for sports but myContinue reading “Sports Today April 15, 2020”

Sports Today April 14, 2020

Baseball and basketball were played today in Taiwan. Twitch was broadcasting the baseball game which was wrapping up early this AM west coast time. Game links below. The New York Times did a piece on how Nicaragua is not missing a beat with sports via NYTimes. The Street did a broad piece talking about theContinue reading “Sports Today April 14, 2020”

Sports Today April 12, 2020

Happy Easter. Took the day off over here to spend time with the family. Soccer was played today in Belarus, Burundi, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. The new addition was Taiwan where the top men’s league played. Basketball was played in Taiwan as was baseball. We added the baseball league in today and will add the soccerContinue reading “Sports Today April 12, 2020”

April 11, 2020

Took a day off. Games happened for soccer in Belarus, Burundi, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. Basketball and Baseball games occurred in Taiwan. We loaded all the games except baseball on ScoreStream. We will add the baseball teams tomorrow. No links today. Happy Easter folks. The XFL is the first casualty we are aware of from Covid-19Continue reading “April 11, 2020”

Sports Today April 7, 2020

Nothing today. Still can’t find any information on those two hockey leagues we mentioned yesterday. How about some glimmers of hope? Here are a few items that might be encouraging. Fox broadcast is talking to advertisers about a return of sports in Q3, hopefully by the end of June or early July via Variety. TheContinue reading “Sports Today April 7, 2020”