Sports Today May 18, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

Sports Today May 14, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores The KBO wrapped up a whole slate of games early this AM. The CPBL in Taiwan has one game today that is still in process. In football/soccer there is one game in Turkmenistan in the Yokary Liga. In news: German Bundesliga returns via ESPN. Expected start dates for European footballContinue reading “Sports Today May 14, 2020”

Sports Today May 13, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores KBO played a full slate of games in baseball today as did the CPBL. In Turkmenistan, the Yokary Liga is playing three games right now. In news: Here is a roundup on what colleges are trying to do to restart via ESPN. No audiences are big troubleContinue reading “Sports Today May 13, 2020”

Sports Today May 9, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores A lot of new things going on today in football / soccer. In South Korea the K league has started. Also in Europe the Faroe Islands Premier League has started. Belarus has a slate of games as does Turkmenistan. In Nicaragua there is one game in theContinue reading “Sports Today May 9, 2020”

Sports Today May 8, 2020

In baseball, the KBO completed full slate of games early this AM. The CPBL is finishing two games this AM. In soccer, the Belarus Premier league has two games this morning and in Turkmenistan the Yokary Liga has one game. In news: The NFL released their schedule for 2020 here are some winners and losersContinue reading “Sports Today May 8, 2020”

Sports Today May 5, 2020

Overnight the KBO league got underway. ESPN managed to ink a broadcast deal with hours to spare and the opening game of the NC Dinos and Samsung Lions was shown overnight. Only two games today. A football game in Turkmenistan and a baseball game in Taiwan. In news: ESPN strikes a deal to cover KBOContinue reading “Sports Today May 5, 2020”

Sports Today May 4, 2020

The big news today is that the KBO baseball season starts with a full slate of games late in the evening our time. This could be a good window into what it will be like for the MLB to return later this summer. In Turkmenistan there are 3 matches being played with the first oneContinue reading “Sports Today May 4, 2020”

Sports Today April 30, 2020

In soccer today, in Nicaragua there is a relegation game in the Liga Primera between Masaya and Jalapa. In Turkmenistan, Altyn Asyr faces Ahal. In regular season baseball the Uni Lions are currently playing Chinatrust. There are also a whole slate of preseason games in the KBO league which will happen tonight West Coast time.Continue reading “Sports Today April 30, 2020”

Sports Today April 26, 2020

Day off…but for the record…Soccer in Belarus, Nicaragua, Taiwan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan all played. In baseball, there were preseason games in South Korea and regular season games in Taiwan. In Basketball in Taiwan, Taiwan Beer defeated Yulon Luxgen Dinos drawing the series to a tie.

Sports Today April 25, 2020

American sports fans continue to get a sports fix with the 3rd day of the NFL draft today which will include rounds 4-7. Then we wait… A pretty big slate of games in soccer today with games in Belarus, Nicaragua, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Regular season baseball games were held in Taiwan and a few preseasonContinue reading “Sports Today April 25, 2020”