Sports Today April 26, 2020

Day off…but for the record…Soccer in Belarus, Nicaragua, Taiwan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan all played. In baseball, there were preseason games in South Korea and regular season games in Taiwan. In Basketball in Taiwan, Taiwan Beer defeated Yulon Luxgen Dinos drawing the series to a tie.

Sports Today April 25, 2020

American sports fans continue to get a sports fix with the 3rd day of the NFL draft today which will include rounds 4-7. Then we wait… A pretty big slate of games in soccer today with games in Belarus, Nicaragua, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Regular season baseball games were held in Taiwan and a few preseasonContinue reading “Sports Today April 25, 2020”

Sports Today April 19, 2020

Soccer games today were played or will play shortly in Taiwan and Tajikistan. Turkmenistan also played soccer and we will add those teams on ScoreStream shortly. Two baseball games were plated in Taiwan. Turkmenistan had suspended games in March but today they resume games with crowds despite the potential threat of Covid-19 via The Hindu.Continue reading “Sports Today April 19, 2020”

Sports Today April 17, 2020

A full slate of soccer games in Belarus and Nicaragua today. Two baseball games in Taiwan. A basketball game each in Taiwan and Tajikistan. Fans are still watching sports content even though there are no new games via AdWeek. The coronavirus epidemic is putting a big strain on some big players like Endeavor via SportsProContinue reading “Sports Today April 17, 2020”

April 11, 2020

Took a day off. Games happened for soccer in Belarus, Burundi, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. Basketball and Baseball games occurred in Taiwan. We loaded all the games except baseball on ScoreStream. We will add the baseball teams tomorrow. No links today. Happy Easter folks. The XFL is the first casualty we are aware of from Covid-19Continue reading “April 11, 2020”

Sports Today April 10, 2020

A few games we are tracking and a few ones we have not been. Still in the same countries that have been playing. In Ohio they are making tentative plans for the resumption of high school sports in May although it will be dependent on whether or not they reopen schools. If schools do notContinue reading “Sports Today April 10, 2020”

Sports Today April 8, 2020

Soccer is back today in 3 countries, Belarus, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. Matches at bottom of this post. A friend shared a link which shows the current status of each state’s high school plans to return to play spring sports or in the cases of my home state, it shows that the spring season has beenContinue reading “Sports Today April 8, 2020”

Sports Today April 5, 2020

Trump said he thinks the NFL season should go ahead and start on time. Per ESPN. As an American football fan and as a small company that benefits from the strong seasonal interest in American football in the fall, I couldn’t agree more. When I think about all the money involved with the leagues, teams,Continue reading “Sports Today April 5, 2020”