Sports Today July 10, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores Lots of news in the return of US sports over the last few days. In the MLS, Nashville dropped out of the Bubble tournament due to numerous coronavirus positives joining Dallas in dropping out via MLS. The Big Ten moves to a conference only schedule for this fall via Big10.Continue reading “Sports Today July 10, 2020”

Sports Today July 8, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores There are a whole bunch of matches in Europe today in the EPL, Serie A and La Liga. In addition to the MLS kick off matches the NWSL has two matches as well. In news: MLS to return amid virus concern via Fox News. Nashville-Chicago game to be postponed viaContinue reading “Sports Today July 8, 2020”

Sports Today June 9, 2020

World Basketball Scores World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores There are various games in European football today including Portugal. There is a lot of excitement in the European Football world as the top tier Spanish La Liga will return this week marking the second major league to return. Baseball continues in the countriesContinue reading “Sports Today June 9, 2020”

Sports Today June 5, 2020

World Rugby Scores World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores Overnight there was baseball in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Rugby was played in Australia. Football / Soccer matches will be played in Germany, Austria, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Serbia and South Korea. New countries are also starting football play in Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo,Continue reading “Sports Today June 5, 2020”

Sports Today June 4, 2020

World Rugby Scores World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores Overnight the NRL played a rugby game. There are two more games overnight West Coast time. Baseball was played in Japan and South Korea overnight as well. Football matches today are being played in Armenia, Portugal and Costa Rica. In news: The NBA rollsContinue reading “Sports Today June 4, 2020”

Sports Today June 3, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores Portugal resumes play in football today. Football is being played today in many places throughout the world including a full compliment of games in Syria. The NPB league preseason continues as does the KBO and CPBL regular season. In news: Two NPB players test positive for coronavirusContinue reading “Sports Today June 3, 2020”

Sports Today June 1, 2020

With all the protests and associated activities I didn’t feel like it made a whole lot of sense to post. Hopefully tempers stay in check and people figure out a way forward in these really difficult times in so many ways. World Soccer / Football Scores There are a few football matches today. Nothing elseContinue reading “Sports Today June 1, 2020”

Sports Today May 29, 2020

World Rugby Scores World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores Rugby, football and baseball are all playing today. Poland and Serbia started football matches today. Over the weekend a number of other countries will be resuming play as well. One significant thing that we haven’t seen yet is any country pausing or shutting down.Continue reading “Sports Today May 29, 2020”

Sports Today May 28, 2020

World Rugby Scores World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores Rugby returns to play today in Australia with the return of the National Rugby League. For NFL fans this is the sport to watch as it is closest to American Football in terms of contact. Several countries resumed play of European soccer today includingContinue reading “Sports Today May 28, 2020”