Sports Today May 26, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores A significant number of countries came on line last week for sports and this week will take it to a whole other level. In addition the United States path forward is starting to come into focus via news reports of resumption of play plans for the MLS, NBA and MLB.Continue reading “Sports Today May 26, 2020”

Sports Today May 21, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores It is relatively quiet today. There was one football match in Burundi that just wrapped up and there is one upcoming match in Belarus. In baseball the KBO league completed a full slate of games early this AM our time. In news: Lessons from 1918 via Sun Journal. NCAA approvesContinue reading “Sports Today May 21, 2020”

Sports Today April 12, 2020

Happy Easter. Took the day off over here to spend time with the family. Soccer was played today in Belarus, Burundi, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. The new addition was Taiwan where the top men’s league played. Basketball was played in Taiwan as was baseball. We added the baseball league in today and will add the soccerContinue reading “Sports Today April 12, 2020”

Sports Today April 5, 2020

Trump said he thinks the NFL season should go ahead and start on time. Per ESPN. As an American football fan and as a small company that benefits from the strong seasonal interest in American football in the fall, I couldn’t agree more. When I think about all the money involved with the leagues, teams,Continue reading “Sports Today April 5, 2020”

Sports Today April 4, 2020

Belarus is still going full bore with games in soccer, handball, futsal and volleyball. We added the soccer games and will start to add the futsal teams shortly. Soccer is also being played in Burundi, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. We will add the Tajikistan teams shortly as well. Basketball had some games in Taiwan and Tajikistan.Continue reading “Sports Today April 4, 2020”

Sports Today April 3, 2020

There are several international sporting events today and one unique American “sporting” activity. For international matches the Belarus Premier League has two today: Belshina vs Gorodeya Dinamo Minsk vs Zhodino In Africa, the Burundi Premier League also has two matches today: Rukinzo vs Musongati Inter Star vs Ngozi City In Taiwan there were two basketballContinue reading “Sports Today April 3, 2020”