Sports Today June 19, 2020

World Baseball Scores In news: Rain and empty stands mark the return of the NPB via Japan Times. Yao is nervous and excited for CBA restart via Yahoo. MLB still in limbo via ESPN.

Sports Today June 9, 2020

World Basketball Scores World Football / Soccer Scores World Baseball Scores There are various games in European football today including Portugal. There is a lot of excitement in the European Football world as the top tier Spanish La Liga will return this week marking the second major league to return. Baseball continues in the countriesContinue reading “Sports Today June 9, 2020”

Sports Today June 8, 2020

World Basketball Scores In Germany, the Basketball Bundesliga resumed play over the weekend with an abbreviated schedule of the ten top teams resuming play. Later this evening our time all the baseball leagues in Asia will be playing. The picture is beginning to emerge across the USA for the return of high school sports thisContinue reading “Sports Today June 8, 2020”

Sports Today April 30, 2020

In News: Non revenue sports in the NCAA are asking for scheduling relief as this will allow them to have regional games and reduce overall costs via ESPN. The ACC is preparing for a variety of scenarios for the resumption of sports later this fall via NBC 29.

Sports Today April 28, 2020

The Yulon Dinos defeated Taiwan Beer to take the SBL championship this AM. There are a full slate of pre season games in the South Korean KBO late tonight our time, tomorrow their time. Right now there is one baseball game in progress in the Taiwan CPBL. In news: NBA teams will begin practicing thisContinue reading “Sports Today April 28, 2020”

Sports Today April 26, 2020

Day off…but for the record…Soccer in Belarus, Nicaragua, Taiwan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan all played. In baseball, there were preseason games in South Korea and regular season games in Taiwan. In Basketball in Taiwan, Taiwan Beer defeated Yulon Luxgen Dinos drawing the series to a tie.

Sports Today April 25, 2020

American sports fans continue to get a sports fix with the 3rd day of the NFL draft today which will include rounds 4-7. Then we wait… A pretty big slate of games in soccer today with games in Belarus, Nicaragua, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Regular season baseball games were held in Taiwan and a few preseasonContinue reading “Sports Today April 25, 2020”

Sports Today April 24, 2020

American sports fans were given a little bit of joy with the first day of the NFL Draft. It was hard to find any sports news other than the NFL Draft in the USA. Round two and three continue this afternoon before heading into the weekend. You can chat about the draft on ScoreStream inContinue reading “Sports Today April 24, 2020”

Sports Today April 22, 2020

NFL Draft Day today! For American football fans, we have something to keep us preoccupied over the next couple of days. What would have been a great gathering in LAs Vegas will now be done virtually…but at least we have something! In worldwide games, Belarus has two soccer games today, one completed and one inContinue reading “Sports Today April 22, 2020”

Sports Today April 21, 2020

Very few games today. During the overnight and early AM west coast time, South Korea played a full slate of preseason baseball games. There was also one baseball game in Taiwan and the Taiwan SBL Basketball Championship tipped off. More on that below. News updates: A national poll says fans are willing to head outContinue reading “Sports Today April 21, 2020”