Sports Today May 26, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

A significant number of countries came on line last week for sports and this week will take it to a whole other level. In addition the United States path forward is starting to come into focus via news reports of resumption of play plans for the MLS, NBA and MLB. Nothing is 100% set yet but momentum is going in the right direction.

In matches today, the key to victory in the Bundesliga could be decided in a few hours as Bayern faces Dortmund. There are 3 other matches in the Bundesliga this AM. Today there are also matches in Burundi, Costa Rica, Czechia, and there are non league national cup games in Hungary and Poland.

In baseball, the KBO league in South Korea played a full slate of games overnight.

In news:

What NBA at Disney World could look like via CBS Sports.

What the MLS can learn from Bundesliga return via MLS Soccer.

This could be the week that shapes the return of MLB via NBC Sports.

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