Sports Today May 16, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores:

World Baseball Scores

Today marks a major milestone in the return of sports. In Germany the Bundesliga returns with a full slate of games in a continuation of their recently suspended season. This really is a dry run for all the leagues to follow in the coming weeks and months. It is expected that there will be a resumption of play in the UK, Spain and Italy as well in the coming weeks and month or so.

Clearly for the US, watching to see how these European football leagues handle the health concerns as well as the gameplay will be of prime interest to leagues like the NFL and MLS. For MLB, the KBO season unfolding in South Korea provides a good blueprint for the return of baseball if the owners and players can agree on a format and the economics of a shortened fanless season.

Sports Activity:

The Bundesliga resumes play today. The big game to watch is Dortmund vs Schalke. In the US this game will be broadcast on FS1. The 2. Bundesliga just concluded a number of matches this AM already.

In other football / soccer play, there are three matches in the Belarus Premier League. There were two matches overnight in the South Korean K League 1. There is also 1 match currently underway in the Faroe Islands Premier League.

There were a full slate of games overnight and early this AM in the KBO baseball league in South Korea. There was 1 game postponed and 1 played in the Taiwan CPBL baseball league.

In News:

The fourth tier soccer UPSL league will resume play June 20th via NBC Sports.

In Ohio, the state association is opening up coach/player interactions at the end of May. Spring sports won’t resume but this is a move forward for the fall via Dayton Daily News.

NASCAR, Bundesliga, UFC, Horse racing and golf live on TV via New York Times.

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