Sports Today April 22, 2020

NFL Draft Day today! For American football fans, we have something to keep us preoccupied over the next couple of days. What would have been a great gathering in LAs Vegas will now be done virtually…but at least we have something!

In worldwide games, Belarus has two soccer games today, one completed and one in process right now at the Reserve level which we don’t track. There was an overnight preseason game in South Korea as well as a game in Taiwan that was interrupted due to weather.

There is an ongoing national tournament in Tajikistan that we are not tracking and in basketball playoffs in Taiwan, Yulon Luxgen Dinos went up 2-0 on Taiwan Beer.

France is targeting a return date for Ligue 1 soccer on June 17 via SportsPro Media.

The Mountain West Conference reiterated that there will be no sports activities until classes resume in the fall via KLS.

More bad news on the high school front as the number of states cancelling spring definitively is now up to 37 states via NSGA.

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