Sports Today April 16, 2020

Only a few things going on today…a basketball and baseball game in Taiwan and a couple of soccer games in Belarus.

Today I wanted to highlight some of the unintended consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on sports that could have some long lasting impact. In particular, some universities are now making moves to abandon sports in the non football, basketball, baseball sphere that do not have large audiences or television revenue sharing deals. This week the University of Cincinnati decided to permanently end their men’s soccer program. The danger of this is that it becomes the start of a wholesale evaluation of all sports programs across the university landscape which could quickly result in the ending of a lot of college sports programs.

Article via WLWT.

Here is an article showing the profitability and losses of various college sports using LSU as an example via The Spun.

In another soccer related development, US Soccer has ended their development academy for youth soccer. This is a sad issue for the long term growth of soccer in the USA via Soccer Today.

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