Sports Today April 12, 2020

Happy Easter. Took the day off over here to spend time with the family. Soccer was played today in Belarus, Burundi, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. The new addition was Taiwan where the top men’s league played. Basketball was played in Taiwan as was baseball. We added the baseball league in today and will add the soccer league in this week.

Taiwan appears to be leading the way in a return to sports and highlights how we can expect the leagues in the US to return when they do. Given their proximity and interaction with China it is definitely encouraging to see that they are getting a handle on things. I am not sure we have the stomach for some of the measures they are using but it has been amazing to see how American’s have rallied to shut things down whether we like it or not.

A couple of articles worth sharing:

Taiwan becomes the first country in the world to resume baseball via Japan Times.

Taiwan football resumed this weekend making it the fifth country playing via Dong-A Ilbo.

In Spain, Real Sociedad will become the first La Liga team to resume training as Spain eases their lockdown rules via Taiwan News.

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