Sports Today March 29, 2020

Nicaragua has some more soccer games today. Not sure if the other countries in Central and South America cancelled all their games and if Nicaragua is the only country powering through.

Those matches for today are as follows:

Jalapa vs Juventus Managua

Ferretti vs Chinandenga

Belarus has been playing all sports as normal. This AM we added the soccer/football games from today. We will track the other games in the coming days. There is a lot of outcry and criticism from others for this action so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Here is a recent article describing the countries approach.

Here are the Belarus soccer/football matches from today:

Newman vs Vitebsk

Isloch Minsk vs Smolevichi

Taiwan is playing basketball currently so we added the games from today. I am not sure where Taiwan is with respect to Covid-19 but I think they are considered contained.

Here are the basketball matches in Taiwan:

Yulon Luxgen vs Bank of Taiwan

Taiwan Beer vs Kaohsiung Jeoutai Tech

We think there are some more things going on in Belarus and we will try to get that updated tomorrow or the coming week.

Update – Found this great article on ESPN talking about the situation in Nicaragua where the games are being held in empty stadiums.

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