Sports Today July 10, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

Lots of news in the return of US sports over the last few days.

In the MLS, Nashville dropped out of the Bubble tournament due to numerous coronavirus positives joining Dallas in dropping out via MLS.

The Big Ten moves to a conference only schedule for this fall via Big10.

Ivy league cancels fall sports via CNN.

Stanford cancels 11 Olympic sports permanently via NYTimes.

New Mexico pushes fall sports for 2020 Via Twitter.

New Jersey pushes start of high school football season to October via Twitter.


Sports Today July 8, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

I took a break for a few weeks. While off, the NWSL resumed play. They have managed to get through several weeks without any major incident. Today the MLS resumes play. The format is a tournament style series of games and Covid has already knocked out one team with a large number of positive cases among the coaches and players. Hopefully we don’t see much more of that.

There are a whole bunch of matches in Europe today in the EPL, Serie A and La Liga. In addition to the MLS kick off matches the NWSL has two matches as well.

In news:

MLS to return amid virus concern via Fox News.

Nashville-Chicago game to be postponed via ESPN.

What will Ivy league school decision mean for college football via ESPN.


Sports Today June 19, 2020

World Baseball Scores

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Basketball Scores

World Rugby Scores

World Aussie Rules Football

Lots of things starting up today and over the weekend. In Japan, the NPB regular season got underway. Overnight, the Chinese basketball CBA season will resume. Today in Russia the Rugby Premier League resumed play.

In news:

Rain and empty stands mark the return of the NPB via Japan Times.

Yao is nervous and excited for CBA restart via Yahoo.

MLB still in limbo via ESPN.


Sports Today May 17, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Basketball Scores

The EPL is back in action today with two matches. This brings three of the top leagues back in play in addition to many other leagues throughout Europe as well.

Additionally, the Spanish Liga ACB basketball league returns to play today as well.

High school baseball and softball continue play in Iowa for the second day. Teams are also playing unsanctioned games in Texas, Missouri and Colorado.

In news:

Six MLB owners don’t want to play in 202 via CBS.

NBA lays out restart plans for Orlando via NBA.

How the Liga ACB restart will work via ESPN.


Sports Today June 16, 2020

World Basketball Scores

World Rugby Scores

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

High school sports have returned to the state of Iowa. Yesterday play resumed for high school softball and baseball. This should be a good litmus test for states going forward. We have statewide baseball scores here and statewide softball scores here.

Over the weekend the biggest news was the return of Rugby Union complete with fans in the stands!

This coming week will see the return of English Premier League.

In news:

The California High School Association releases guidelines for the return of high school sports in the largest state via CIF.

Iowa high schools first up via ESPN.

43,000 fans pack rugby stadium in New Zealand via SI.


Sports Today June 11, 2020

World Aussie Rules Scores

World Rugby Scores

World Basketball Scores

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

Big day today on a number of fronts. In Football / Soccer, we see the return of play in the Spanish La Liga with a match between Real Bettis and Sevilla today followed by a full compliment of games through the weekend.

For American football fans, rugby continues play in the NRL without any major Covid incidences that I am aware of. Along the same lines the Australian Football League, or Aussie Rules, as we Americans know it as resumed play as well. I have to imagine that the NFL is closely watching rugby and the AFL as a good proxy as they eye the start of the 2020 NFL season.

Basketball play continues in Germany and there were a full set of baseball games in South Korea in the KBO league and Japan continues preseason play in the NPB.

In news:

AFL enters unknown territory via AFL.

La Liga threatens quarantine of players breaking protocol via ESPN.

MLB commissioner is 100% convinced there will be a season via ESPN.


Sports Today June 9, 2020

World Basketball Scores

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

There are various games in European football today including Portugal. There is a lot of excitement in the European Football world as the top tier Spanish La Liga will return this week marking the second major league to return.

Baseball continues in the countries playing in Asia, Japan preseason, South Korea and Taiwan.

Basketball is being played in Germany.

NCAA is about to roll out return to football plan via SI.

Which soccer league will be the biggest when they return via ESPN.

MLB players expected to reject latest owner offer via NJ.com.


Sports Today June 8, 2020

World Basketball Scores

In Germany, the Basketball Bundesliga resumed play over the weekend with an abbreviated schedule of the ten top teams resuming play.

Later this evening our time all the baseball leagues in Asia will be playing.

The picture is beginning to emerge across the USA for the return of high school sports this summer and fall. Maxpreps has a good state by state breakdown that can be found here.

In news:

How MLB can save itself beyond 2021 via ESPN.

Pennsylvania High School association announces return protocol via WCCS Radio.

North Carolina high school sports to return June 15 with restrictions via Citizen Times.


Sports Today June 5, 2020

World Rugby Scores

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

Overnight there was baseball in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Rugby was played in Australia. Football / Soccer matches will be played in Germany, Austria, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Serbia and South Korea. New countries are also starting football play in Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Lithuania, and Vietnam.

Tomorrow many more countries will resume play for football / soccer.

In news:

Some colleges may not be able to play football this year via SI.

MLB players not budging via ESPN.

Comprehensive list of sports return dates via SB Nation.


Sports Today June 4, 2020

World Rugby Scores

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

Overnight the NRL played a rugby game. There are two more games overnight West Coast time.

Baseball was played in Japan and South Korea overnight as well.

Football matches today are being played in Armenia, Portugal and Costa Rica.

In news:

The NBA rolls out their restart plan with games starting at end of July via NBA.

MLS to return in early July after players approve plan via LA Times.

MLB return now appears in doubt via CBS Boston.


Sports Today June 3, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

Portugal resumes play in football today. Football is being played today in many places throughout the world including a full compliment of games in Syria.

The NPB league preseason continues as does the KBO and CPBL regular season.

In news:

Two NPB players test positive for coronavirus via NJ.com.

La Liga players retunr to practice via ESPN.

Will there be an MLB season via SI.com.


Sports Today June 2, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

Big baseball news today. The Japan Nippon Professional Baseball league started preseason play marking the return of major sports to Japan. The South Korean KBO league played a full set of games overnight and the Taiwan CPBL has one game close to wrapping up.

There are a fair amount of football matches today including the return of play in Austria. Other countries with play include Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Israel, and Turkmenistan.

In news:

Sports practice can resume in Michigan via Lansing State Journal.

NWSL releases summer schedule via Press Herald.

Little League returns to Abilene via KTXS.


Sports Today June 1, 2020

With all the protests and associated activities I didn’t feel like it made a whole lot of sense to post. Hopefully tempers stay in check and people figure out a way forward in these really difficult times in so many ways.

World Soccer / Football Scores

There are a few football matches today. Nothing else until late this evening when the Nippon Professional Baseball league preseason gets going.

In news:

MLB is having a harder time planning a return than NBA and NHL via ESPN.

MLS and players still far apart via ESPN.

California HS association optimistic about fall sports via Daily Pilot.


Sports Today May 29, 2020

World Rugby Scores

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

Rugby, football and baseball are all playing today. Poland and Serbia started football matches today. Over the weekend a number of other countries will be resuming play as well. One significant thing that we haven’t seen yet is any country pausing or shutting down. Hopefully these various league continue on the path to opening and we resume a hearty sporting environment as we head into the summer and fall.

In news:

The EPL is set to return in June via NYTimes.

Will non-revenue college sports become nonexistent in college sports via WTOP.

Texas is opening outdoor sporting venues to fans with reduced capacity via Texas Tribune.


Sports Today May 28, 2020

World Rugby Scores

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

Rugby returns to play today in Australia with the return of the National Rugby League. For NFL fans this is the sport to watch as it is closest to American Football in terms of contact.

Several countries resumed play of European soccer today including Denmark and Syria.

The KBO baseball league continued with another day full of games early this AM USA time.

In news:

NWSL is on track to play June 27th via Yahoo Sports.

Rugby league defies naysayers with speedy return via Sky News Australia.

High school sports will be back in Iowa on June 15th via Des Moines Register.


Sports Today May 27, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

The Bundesliga has a full set of matches today including Leipzig who is trying to move into a tie with Dortmund for 2nd place behind Bayern Munich. Other matches include full slates of games in Costa Rica and Czechia as well as a few games in the Faroe Islands, Hungary and Turkmenistan.

Baseball had a set of games in the KBO league in South Korea and in the CPBL in Taiwan.

In news:

All NCAA sports can resume practice on June 1 via WXVV.

NHL unveils return to play plan via NHL.

Baseball players union disappointed in restart proposal via USA Today.


Sports Today May 26, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

A significant number of countries came on line last week for sports and this week will take it to a whole other level. In addition the United States path forward is starting to come into focus via news reports of resumption of play plans for the MLS, NBA and MLB. Nothing is 100% set yet but momentum is going in the right direction.

In matches today, the key to victory in the Bundesliga could be decided in a few hours as Bayern faces Dortmund. There are 3 other matches in the Bundesliga this AM. Today there are also matches in Burundi, Costa Rica, Czechia, and there are non league national cup games in Hungary and Poland.

In baseball, the KBO league in South Korea played a full slate of games overnight.

In news:

What NBA at Disney World could look like via CBS Sports.

What the MLS can learn from Bundesliga return via MLS Soccer.

This could be the week that shapes the return of MLB via NBC Sports.


Sports Today May 24, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

Football matches are continuing this weekend in many countries including Germany, Armenia, Belarus, Costa Rica, Estonia, Faroe Islands, South Korea and Taiwan.

Baseball games were played overnight in South Korea and Taiwan and this morning in Czechia.

In news:

NBA is close to an agreement to restart season in Orlando via NYPost.

Youth sports restarting in Florida despite concerns via SB Nation.

Youth baseball and softball are retuning in Ohio via Daily Record.


Sports Today May 23, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

Today is a landmark day in the return of sports in various parts of the world. Football / Soccer returns to Armenia, Czechia, and Hungary. Matches continue in all the other countries that have already returned with the German Bundesliga continuing as the only major league that has resumed play thus far.

Baseball also saw the return of play in Czechia in the Extraliga.

In news:

Liga MX cancels 2020 Clausura via ESPN.

MLS is pushing to be the first US league to return with play in Orlando via ESPN.

The Athletic recently rolled out a podcast called The Comeback documenting the return of sports in the US. Check it out here.


Sports Today May 22, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

Baseball starts today in Czechia. This weekend will also see the return of sports in a number of new countries beginning tomorrow.

In addition to Czechia, baseball was played last night in the KBO League in South Korea.

Football / Soccer matches will be played today in the Bundesliga, Belarus, and the Faroe Islands. Overnight there was one match in the K League 1 in South Korea.

In news:

Your new summer sports obsessions via Slate.

Coronavirus could cost college football $4 billion via ESPN.

100 days to college football via ESPN.


Sports Today May 21, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

It is relatively quiet today. There was one football match in Burundi that just wrapped up and there is one upcoming match in Belarus.

In baseball the KBO league completed a full slate of games early this AM our time.

In news:

Lessons from 1918 via Sun Journal.

NCAA approves activities in football and basketball starting June 1 via 247 Sports.

Why youth sports may have an easier return than the pros via USA Today.


Sports Today May 20, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

In Football / Soccer there are four matches in Costa Rica, 2 matches in Estonia and 1 match in Belarus.

Overnight in baseball there was a full schedule of baseball games in the KBO baseball league in South Korea and there was one game in the CPBL in Taiwan that was postponed.

In news:

Sports without fans are not sports via CNN.

NFHS details the phases for a comeback of high school sports via USA Today.

Minor league baseball in crisis via SI.


Sports Today May 19, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

A number of new countries are coming online with sports and there are a few key developments in the news for the United States.

In Europe, the Meistriliiga football league in Estonia starts today with three matches making it the 3rd league to begin play in Europe after the Faroe Islands and Germany.

In the Western Hemisphere, the Costa Rican Liga FPD football league resumes play with two matches. There is also one game currently underway in Turkmenistan.

Overnight the KBO baseball league played a full schedule of games.

In news:

The biggest news in the USA is that Governors in both Texas and California are paving the way for the return of professional sports without fans at the beginning of June provided there are no spikes in infections via Draftkings.

Draftkings had a 30% upswing in Q1 and doesn’t expect any long term Covid-19 hits once sports resume via Deadline.

Estonia resumes football play via AP.

The British American Football League cancels 2020 tackle season via BAFA.


Sports Today May 18, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

Today there are three matches in the Turkmenistan Yokary Liga. Later this AM there is one game in the Bundesliga.

In news:

What will sports look like when they reopen via SportTechie.

Golf shines in it’s live return via New York Times.

South Korean soccer team apologizes for sex dolls in stadium via NY Post.

Record US TV rankings for Bundesliga return on Fox via Deadline.


Sports Today May 17, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

So far so good in the return of the Bundesliga yesterday. Bundesliga play continues today with top of the table Bayern Munich facing Union Berlin. There are four matches in the 2. Bundesliga as well today.

In Taiwan the TFPL is completing a set of matches right now. Other football matches today include the K League 1 which is also currently playing, as well as 3 matches in the Belarus Premier League and 4 matches in the Faroe Islands.

In baseball the KBO league just wrapped up games for the day and in Taiwan there are two games under way.

In news:

Trump continues to push US sports leagues to return via NPR.

Sports starved Brits tune into the Bundesliga via The Guardian.

Soccer kick off in Germany via NBC News.


Sports Today May 16, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores:

World Baseball Scores

Today marks a major milestone in the return of sports. In Germany the Bundesliga returns with a full slate of games in a continuation of their recently suspended season. This really is a dry run for all the leagues to follow in the coming weeks and months. It is expected that there will be a resumption of play in the UK, Spain and Italy as well in the coming weeks and month or so.

Clearly for the US, watching to see how these European football leagues handle the health concerns as well as the gameplay will be of prime interest to leagues like the NFL and MLS. For MLB, the KBO season unfolding in South Korea provides a good blueprint for the return of baseball if the owners and players can agree on a format and the economics of a shortened fanless season.

Sports Activity:

The Bundesliga resumes play today. The big game to watch is Dortmund vs Schalke. In the US this game will be broadcast on FS1. The 2. Bundesliga just concluded a number of matches this AM already.

In other football / soccer play, there are three matches in the Belarus Premier League. There were two matches overnight in the South Korean K League 1. There is also 1 match currently underway in the Faroe Islands Premier League.

There were a full slate of games overnight and early this AM in the KBO baseball league in South Korea. There was 1 game postponed and 1 played in the Taiwan CPBL baseball league.

In News:

The fourth tier soccer UPSL league will resume play June 20th via NBC Sports.

In Ohio, the state association is opening up coach/player interactions at the end of May. Spring sports won’t resume but this is a move forward for the fall via Dayton Daily News.

NASCAR, Bundesliga, UFC, Horse racing and golf live on TV via New York Times.


Sports Today May 15, 2020

World Soccer / Football Scores

World Baseball Scores

There are a full slate of KBO baseball games getting close to wrapping up with one postponement. The CBL baseball league in Taiwan has all four teams playing right now in two games that are close to wrapping up.

In Belarus, the Premier league has one match today starting in a few hours.

In news:

The National Rugby League in Australia will resume at the end of May via Seattle Times.

Negotiations continue between the owners and players about MLB resumption via SNY.

Bundesliga must see matches and players via ESPN.


Sports Today May 14, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

The KBO wrapped up a whole slate of games early this AM. The CPBL in Taiwan has one game today that is still in process. In football/soccer there is one game in Turkmenistan in the Yokary Liga.

In news:

German Bundesliga returns via ESPN.

Expected start dates for European football leagues via CBS Sports.


Sports Today May 13, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

KBO played a full slate of games in baseball today as did the CPBL. In Turkmenistan, the Yokary Liga is playing three games right now.

In news:

Here is a roundup on what colleges are trying to do to restart via ESPN.

No audiences are big trouble for minor leagues via Cecil Whig.

California D2 college league suspends fall sports via KBTX TV.


Sports Today May 12, 2020

The KBO baseball league had a full slate of games that all wrapped up early this AM our time. The CPBL has one game that is still wrapping up. No other sports today.

Lots of news today:

Unlike many leagues the CFL needs fans in the stands to survive via Washington Post.

The UK government allows return of EPL on June 1 via ESPN.

MLB owners approve baseball return in July now players have to agree via ESPN.

Youth sports in Nebraska can return in June with rules via 1011Now.

A good video on why the Bundesliga can return now via Yahoo Sports.


Sports Today May 11, 2020

No games or matches today of the things we are covering. Hopefully in the coming weeks there will be no days without sports!

In news:

College have to be open for college sports to resume via Inside Higher Ed.

Kentucky high schools trying to figure out a way forward via Northern Kentucky Tribune.

Sports are restarting with a new normal via NYTimes.

NFL closely watching the return of the Bundesliga via NBC Sports.


Sports Today May 10, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

Overnight the KBO baseball league played a full slate of games. The CPBL also played two games with one already concluded and the other one close to finishing.

In football / soccer, Belarus has four games that will be played this AM with one underway already. In Taiwan, the TFPL played a full set of matches that are already concluded. The K League had one match that also wrapped up already.

In news:

MLB is looking to return in June via NY Post.

Whole crew of officials demoted in the KBO via Yahoo Sports.

K-League mapping a path for return of Premier League in UK via Liverpool.


Sports Today May 9, 2020

World Football / Soccer Scores

World Baseball Scores

A lot of new things going on today in football / soccer. In South Korea the K league has started. Also in Europe the Faroe Islands Premier League has started. Belarus has a slate of games as does Turkmenistan. In Nicaragua there is one game in the Clausura Winners Bracket.

Early this AM there were a number of KBO baseball games although a number of them were postponed. In Taiwan there were two games in the CPBL that wrapped up earlier.

In news:

The K League returns with games broadcast to 36 countries via ESPN.

Faroe Islands Fantasy soccer via The Vulture.

NBA delays restart plans via NY Post.


Sports Today May 8, 2020

In baseball, the KBO completed full slate of games early this AM. The CPBL is finishing two games this AM.

In soccer, the Belarus Premier league has two games this morning and in Turkmenistan the Yokary Liga has one game.

In news:

The NFL released their schedule for 2020 here are some winners and losers in terms of matchups via USA Today.

MLS is getting more optimistic about a return via MLS.

Their continues to be a lot of speculation on whether the NBA will return this season via ESPN.


Sports Today May 7, 2020

KBO baseball had another full slate of games this AM with the last few games just wrapping up. In Taiwan the only game played today is almost done as well. Nothing for any other sports currently.

Here is a great article that talks about how sports returned during the Spanish Flu pandemic. My favorite were the photos from the stands with people wearing masks. Pretty eerie similarities 100 years later via SportTechie.

The NFL is telling teams to have a return to practice protocol in place by May 15th via ESPN.

The Bundesliga will resume play on May 16 via ESPN.

Rugby is moving towards a restart in New Zealand based on when the next level of coronavirus is sorted by the government via Sky Sports.

The Lotte Giants move to 3-0 after defeating the KT Wiz.


Sports Today May 5, 2020

Overnight the KBO league got underway. ESPN managed to ink a broadcast deal with hours to spare and the opening game of the NC Dinos and Samsung Lions was shown overnight.

Only two games today. A football game in Turkmenistan and a baseball game in Taiwan.

In news:

ESPN strikes a deal to cover KBO baseball via Variety.

Fans want sports to return sooner rather than waiting for fans via ESPN.

Hockey may take a while to return due to Canada reliance via 538.


Sports Today May 4, 2020

The big news today is that the KBO baseball season starts with a full slate of games late in the evening our time. This could be a good window into what it will be like for the MLB to return later this summer.

In Turkmenistan there are 3 matches being played with the first one just wrapping up. It’s early in their season and 2nd place Altyn Asyr is playing 5th place Sagadam right now.

In news:

Everything you need to know about KBO via ESPN.

A group in Michigan wants to try to do spring high school this summer via Fox 17.

Games to watch in KBO play:

Kiwoon Heroes vs Kia Tigers

LG Twins vs Doosan Bears


Sports Today May 3, 2020

Today, in Belarus and Taiwan there are a complete slate of games in football/soccer. There is also a relegation game in the Nicaragua top league.

In Taiwan there were two baseball games that are already completed.

In news:

Covid-19 has impacted student athletes hoping to get scholarships via USA Today.

Gambling firms cannot live on Belarus soccer alone via Bloomberg.

We have passed 50 days without major sports, when will it end via Tampa Bay Times.

Some notable games:

In Belarus, 5th place Vitebsk faces 14th place Slavia.

In Taiwan, 1st place TaiPower defeated the Red Lions sending them to last place.


Sports Today May 2, 2020

Today there are three games this morning in Belarus Premier League Football. Nicaragua has a winners bracket game in the football Clausura with Estelli facing Managua FC.

There are also two CPBL baseball games in progress in Taiwan.

In news:

MLS to allow outdoor individual training on May 6 via MLS.

NASCAR begins racing this weekend in Oklahoma via Fox News.

The NFL is looking at Saturday games if college football is delayed or cancelled via SI.


Sports Today May 1, 2020

Fairly quiet day today. Three games total with only one of them still going on. In Belarus Energetik defeated Smolvechi. In Taiwan, one baseball game wrapped up and one is in extra innings right now.

In news:

When sports return they will help heal the nation via LA Times.

The disappearance of sports will cost over $12 billion in the US via ESPN.

Little League World Series cancelled for first time via Press Herald.

Bundesliga will be pushed another week while government decides on when games can resume via BBC.


Sports Today April 30, 2020

In soccer today, in Nicaragua there is a relegation game in the Liga Primera between Masaya and Jalapa. In Turkmenistan, Altyn Asyr faces Ahal.

In regular season baseball the Uni Lions are currently playing Chinatrust. There are also a whole slate of preseason games in the KBO league which will happen tonight West Coast time.

I apparently screwed up the SBL as the championship in the SBL is a best of 7 series. Today Taiwan Beer defeated Yulon Dinos to even the series at 3-3.

In News:

Non revenue sports in the NCAA are asking for scheduling relief as this will allow them to have regional games and reduce overall costs via ESPN.

The ACC is preparing for a variety of scenarios for the resumption of sports later this fall via NBC 29.


Sports Today April 29, 2020

Nicaragua has several games today as they continue the Clausura competition. The Belarusian Cup competition has two games today as well starting shortly.

There are two baseball games in Taiwan today. The South Korean KBO league had a full slate of preseason baseball games as they continue to move forward towards a May 4th start date to their regular season. I did notice that all the games for tonight our time we cancelled due to safety. I am not sure if there was a Covid incident but I will continue to see if I can find more information. It would definitely be a set back if that were the case.

In news:

Local newspapers have been crushed in the last several years and Covid has only accelerated that process. With sports being shut down it makes sports journalists an easy target for layoffs. Poynter has an overview of layoffs including many in sports here.

Bad news for soccer in France as the PM cancels Ligue 1 and 2 for the season via ESPN.

Some games today:


Shakhtyor Soligorsk vs Brest

BATE vs Slavia Mozyr


Esteli vs Diriangen

Managua FC vs Ferretti


Sports Today April 28, 2020

The Yulon Dinos defeated Taiwan Beer to take the SBL championship this AM.

There are a full slate of pre season games in the South Korean KBO late tonight our time, tomorrow their time. Right now there is one baseball game in progress in the Taiwan CPBL.

In news:

NBA teams will begin practicing this Friday in states where the stay at home orders have been eased via ESPN.

More follow up on the record viewership of the NFL Draft via Ad Exchanger.

Doctors speculate that there will be no fans in the stands until 2021 via The Guardian.

High school ADs in California look to the fall for sports via Marin Independent Journal.

The UK Government is working with the EPL to resume play via ESPN.


Sports Today April 27, 2020

Quiet day today. 2 preseason games in the South Korean KBO league is all we have.

In news:

Italy’s Serie A will resume training on May 18th via The Guardian.

While the Premier League will be fine, others wonder the long term impact on less popular or lower level sports via The Guardian.

I missed this last week, but Draftkings goes public even though there are no sports to wager on via CNN.

NFL Draft ratings skyrocket in 2020 via TMZ.


Sports Today April 26, 2020

Day off…but for the record…Soccer in Belarus, Nicaragua, Taiwan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan all played. In baseball, there were preseason games in South Korea and regular season games in Taiwan. In Basketball in Taiwan, Taiwan Beer defeated Yulon Luxgen Dinos drawing the series to a tie.


Sports Today April 25, 2020

American sports fans continue to get a sports fix with the 3rd day of the NFL draft today which will include rounds 4-7. Then we wait…

A pretty big slate of games in soccer today with games in Belarus, Nicaragua, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Regular season baseball games were held in Taiwan and a few preseason games were played in South Korea in anticipation of the return of league play next month.

Basketball was played in Tajikistan and there is a regional league playing in Nicaragua. The Turkmenistan NBLT is also playing although we are not tracking that league.

News today:

An interesting editorial about how the NCAA should rethink the structure of college sports via Forbes.

The NFL Draft had record viewership for the first night of the draft via Press Herald.

High school spring sports seasons are now cancelled in 44 states.

A game we wanted to highlight today is in Nicaragua where the Clausura playoffs are in the semi finals and Diriangen faces Esteli today.


Sports Today April 24, 2020

American sports fans were given a little bit of joy with the first day of the NFL Draft. It was hard to find any sports news other than the NFL Draft in the USA. Round two and three continue this afternoon before heading into the weekend. You can chat about the draft on ScoreStream in our Draft Chat.

This AM there are two soccer games in Belarus and there are two baseball games in Taiwan. Preseason baseball continues in South Korea.

In Basketball playoffs in Taiwan, Taiwan Beer won early this AM against the Dinos, bringing the championship to a 2-1 lead for the Dinos.


Sports Today April 22, 2020

NFL Draft Day today! For American football fans, we have something to keep us preoccupied over the next couple of days. What would have been a great gathering in LAs Vegas will now be done virtually…but at least we have something!

In worldwide games, Belarus has two soccer games today, one completed and one in process right now at the Reserve level which we don’t track. There was an overnight preseason game in South Korea as well as a game in Taiwan that was interrupted due to weather.

There is an ongoing national tournament in Tajikistan that we are not tracking and in basketball playoffs in Taiwan, Yulon Luxgen Dinos went up 2-0 on Taiwan Beer.

France is targeting a return date for Ligue 1 soccer on June 17 via SportsPro Media.

The Mountain West Conference reiterated that there will be no sports activities until classes resume in the fall via KLS.

More bad news on the high school front as the number of states cancelling spring definitively is now up to 37 states via NSGA.


Sports Today April 22, 2020

In Nicaragua, the soccer league is headed to playoffs with two games marking the start of the Clausura playoffs. Game details below. Overnight and early this AM west coast time there were a handful of baseball games in Korea and Taiwan.

Some news today:

Canada is going to be a gating factor for the return of professional sports in the US via NYTimes.

One in 5 Americans surveyed currently say they would never feel safe at a live sports event again via NYPost.

NPR did an interview(audio and transcript) about what lessons we can learn regarding the return of sports post quarantine via NPR.

In soccer playoffs in Nicaragua we have two games today.

Diriangen hosts Juventus Managua

Ferretti hosts Jalapa


Sports Today April 21, 2020

Very few games today. During the overnight and early AM west coast time, South Korea played a full slate of preseason baseball games. There was also one baseball game in Taiwan and the Taiwan SBL Basketball Championship tipped off. More on that below.

News updates:

A national poll says fans are willing to head out to the ballpark via Forbes.

ESPN estimates that nearly half of all scheduled sports events have or will be cancelled in 2020 via ESPN.

Turkmenistan resumes their soccer season complete with fans via France 24.

Germany bans large gatherings until August 31 but plans to restart the Bundesliga without fans in early May despite fan anger over “ghost games” via ESPN.

Florida officially cancels spring sports bringing the number of states cancelling spring sports to 31 via WCJB.

The Taiwan Super Basketball Championship started today with Dinos facing Taiwan Beer.


Sports Today April 20, 2020

Today there are three soccer matches in Turkmenistan. Late tonight/tomorrow in Asia the South Korean KBO baseball preseason gets underway making it the second baseball league that will be playing.

Some news articles:

No pandemic playbook for a return of sports via Times Herald.

A tweet end my career, the lament of high school athletes with the cancellation of spring sports in Utah via Salt Lake Tribune.

South Korea’s KBO Baseball league is looking to return on May 1 via NBC Sports.

Turkemnistan soccer – 2nd place Ahal faces 7th place Sagadam.


Sports Today April 19, 2020

Soccer games today were played or will play shortly in Taiwan and Tajikistan. Turkmenistan also played soccer and we will add those teams on ScoreStream shortly. Two baseball games were plated in Taiwan.

Turkmenistan had suspended games in March but today they resume games with crowds despite the potential threat of Covid-19 via The Hindu.

The PGA tour will resume on June 11 with the Charles Schwab challenge via Yahoo News.

New York gold courses are open with coronavirus rules via NY Post.

In Taiwan soccer, 1st place TaiPower faced 5th place Taiwan Steel.

In Taiwan baseball Rakuten faced Fubon.


Sports Today April 17, 2020

A full slate of soccer games in Belarus and Nicaragua today. Two baseball games in Taiwan. A basketball game each in Taiwan and Tajikistan.

Fans are still watching sports content even though there are no new games via AdWeek.

The coronavirus epidemic is putting a big strain on some big players like Endeavor via SportsPro Media.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says too much uncertainty is still hanging over restarting the NBA league via ESPN.

Here are some more noteworthy games from today from the very small pool:

Belarus – 2nd place Vitebsk takes on 10th place Brest.

Nicaragua – 1st Place Managua FC takes on 4th place Ferrenti.

Taiwan basketball playoffs – Yulon Luxgen Dinos vs Pauian.


Sports Today April 17, 2020

Belarus has two soccer games today. Taiwan has two baseball games that are in progress at the time I am writing this. Nicaragua’s baseball league gets underway today so we will be adding those teams on ScoreStream.

In news, College football commissioners told VP Pence that sports won’t be back until students are back via CBS.

There is growing fear that women’s sports will take a substantial hit due to fallout from Covid-19 via Weirton Daily Times.

Already 24 states have cancelled spring sports and Wisconsin is set to determine if they will add to those numbers via Beloit Daily News.

Belarus soccer:

4th place Slutsk faces 12th place Shakhyor Soligorsk

Taiwan baseball:

Chinatrust vs Uni

Rakuten vs Fubon


Sports Today April 16, 2020

Only a few things going on today…a basketball and baseball game in Taiwan and a couple of soccer games in Belarus.

Today I wanted to highlight some of the unintended consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on sports that could have some long lasting impact. In particular, some universities are now making moves to abandon sports in the non football, basketball, baseball sphere that do not have large audiences or television revenue sharing deals. This week the University of Cincinnati decided to permanently end their men’s soccer program. The danger of this is that it becomes the start of a wholesale evaluation of all sports programs across the university landscape which could quickly result in the ending of a lot of college sports programs.

Article via WLWT.

Here is an article showing the profitability and losses of various college sports using LSU as an example via The Spun.

In another soccer related development, US Soccer has ended their development academy for youth soccer. This is a sad issue for the long term growth of soccer in the USA via Soccer Today.


Sports Today April 15, 2020

In my home state of California there are some initial talks about reducing restrictions. It’s probably going to be a few weeks before we have any idea how that is going to play out but I am glad that there are talks about ending the lockdown. Not sure what this means for sports but my guess is that it will be sports without fans to start.

Nicaragua has a full slate of soccer games today and Taiwan is wrapping up two baseball games as I type this. Baseball game and a soccer link below. In news…

Trump wants sports to come back. Tired of watching 14 year old baseball games on TV via USA Today.

Dr Fauci suggests single site fan free games as a start to resuming games via ESPN.

Trump includes sports executive in team to reopen the economy via ESPN.

Utah confirms termination of spring high school sports in state via Salt Lake Trib.

Taiwan Baseball

Chinatrust Brothers vs Fubon Guardians

Rakuten Monkeys vs Uni Lions

In Nicaraguan soccer 1st place Managua FC takes on 5th place Jalapa.


Sports Today April 14, 2020

Baseball and basketball were played today in Taiwan. Twitch was broadcasting the baseball game which was wrapping up early this AM west coast time. Game links below.

The New York Times did a piece on how Nicaragua is not missing a beat with sports via NYTimes.

The Street did a broad piece talking about the financial impact on all sports business from top to bottom via The Street.

Taiwan Baseball

Chinatrust Brothers vs Fubon Guardians

Taiwan Basketball

Yulon Luxgen Dinos vs Pauian


Sports Today April 13, 2020

One game today in the Belarus Premier League. Game link below.

The New York Times has a great write up on the Taiwan Super Basketball league with some analysis on implications for the NBA via NYTimes.

Broadcaster Eleven began streaming CPBL games globally via Sports Business.

In high school sports, we are now up to 21 states with high school sports cancelled for the spring season up from 13 states last time we checked. You can track via NSGA.

Belarus soccer

Slavia Mozyr vs Rukh Brest


Sports Today April 12, 2020

Happy Easter. Took the day off over here to spend time with the family. Soccer was played today in Belarus, Burundi, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. The new addition was Taiwan where the top men’s league played. Basketball was played in Taiwan as was baseball. We added the baseball league in today and will add the soccer league in this week.

Taiwan appears to be leading the way in a return to sports and highlights how we can expect the leagues in the US to return when they do. Given their proximity and interaction with China it is definitely encouraging to see that they are getting a handle on things. I am not sure we have the stomach for some of the measures they are using but it has been amazing to see how American’s have rallied to shut things down whether we like it or not.

A couple of articles worth sharing:

Taiwan becomes the first country in the world to resume baseball via Japan Times.

Taiwan football resumed this weekend making it the fifth country playing via Dong-A Ilbo.

In Spain, Real Sociedad will become the first La Liga team to resume training as Spain eases their lockdown rules via Taiwan News.


April 11, 2020

Took a day off. Games happened for soccer in Belarus, Burundi, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. Basketball and Baseball games occurred in Taiwan. We loaded all the games except baseball on ScoreStream. We will add the baseball teams tomorrow. No links today. Happy Easter folks.

The XFL is the first casualty we are aware of from Covid-19 via Hollywood Reporter.


Sports Today April 10, 2020

A few games we are tracking and a few ones we have not been. Still in the same countries that have been playing.

In Ohio they are making tentative plans for the resumption of high school sports in May although it will be dependent on whether or not they reopen schools. If schools do not open then sports will not be played via ABC6.

Basketball continued in Taiwan and the Tajikistan basketball league has games Saturday which are late night where I live so we added them. The Belarus Premier league has one game. Burundi’s B league in soccer has a few games. Taiwan’s women’s soccer league has several games which are played tomorrow but are also evening California time. Taiwan minor league baseball also has a game we are not tracking.

Taiwan Basketball

Yulon Luxgen Dinos vs Bank of Taiwan

Jeoutai vs Pauian

Tajikistan Basketball

Faeton vs Berkut

Zuhro vs DIS

Belarus Premier League Soccer

Neman vs Belshina


Sports Today April 9, 2020

Lots of news today, not a lot of sports. On the good news side, the German Bundesliga is on track to resume games in May, although without fans in the stadium. From SportsPro Media.

Speculation for US sports leagues resuming play is all over the map but not particularly optimistic via SportTechie.

The NHL is looking closely at cancelling their season via TVNewsCheck.

Fans surveyed are going to take a wait and see approach before they resume attending live events via Morning Consult.

In terms of games, The Taiwan Super Basketball League just wrapped up two games. The Taiwan Minor League baseball league had a game today as well so baseball should be resuming in Taiwan shortly for their Major League.

Taiwan SBL

Pauian vs Bank of Taiwan

Taiwan Beer vs Jeoutai

Also in sports related eSports, the NBA 2K Players tournament continues tonight with Rui Hachimura facing Devin Booker in one of two semi final games.


Sports Today April 8, 2020

Soccer is back today in 3 countries, Belarus, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. Matches at bottom of this post.

A friend shared a link which shows the current status of each state’s high school plans to return to play spring sports or in the cases of my home state, it shows that the spring season has been cancelled. 13 states have already cancelled the spring season. 11 states are suspended with no resumption date planned currently. The remainder are in a wait and see mode with a target date to resume, continue or cancel. Via NSGA.


Slavia Mozyr vs BATE

Brest vs Shakhtyor Soligorsk


Sabanas vs Jalapa

Managua FC vs Ocotal

Diriangen vs Chinadenga

Estelli vs Juventus Managua

Ferretti vs Real Madriz


CSKA vs Khujand

Dushanbe 83 vs Istiqlol


Sports Today April 7, 2020

Nothing today. Still can’t find any information on those two hockey leagues we mentioned yesterday. How about some glimmers of hope? Here are a few items that might be encouraging.

Fox broadcast is talking to advertisers about a return of sports in Q3, hopefully by the end of June or early July via Variety.

The Iowa high school state association is planning on an abbreviated spring sports season with a resumption of practices on May 1 via WGEM TV.

The Rhode Island high school state association voted to resume their spring high school sports season on May 4 via Providence Journal.

MLB is exploring playing empty ballpark games with all teams competing in the state of Arizona to minimize travel and exposure via Sports Illustrated.


Sports Today April 6, 2020

No sports today that we are tracking. There is Liga Pro – Short Hockey in Russia which we can’t seem to find much information on. Belarus has Minsk Championship hockey, which also is hard to find much information about other than the wagering information on the wagering sites. We will see if we can find more information.

Here are some current stories around sports or the lack of sports..

South Korea may give signs of when sports will return via ESPN.

Some think when sports return they will be a tv only experience via Trib Live.

The Ivy League weighs in on when they think their league will resume via Boston.com

New York Governor Cuomo skeptical sports could return by August via NY Post.

Montrezl Harrell took down Domatas Sabonis 73-51 in the NBA 2K Players tournament yesterday. Next round of games are tomorrow.

Thats all for today.


Sports Today April 5, 2020

Trump said he thinks the NFL season should go ahead and start on time. Per ESPN.

As an American football fan and as a small company that benefits from the strong seasonal interest in American football in the fall, I couldn’t agree more. When I think about all the money involved with the leagues, teams, stadiums and all the jobs that rely on sports I am pretty sure that everyone wants that to happen but it’s not yet entirely clear that this is going to be possible. But oh how we hope it will…

Soccer matches for today include Belarus, Burundi, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. Two basketball games were held in Taiwan. We have still not added the Futsal and handball leagues in Belarus but they are not playing today. Apparently Russia has a hockey league that is playing that we are going to do some research on.

The soccer matches for today are as follows:


Energetik-BGU vs FC Minsk

Smolevichi vs Vitebsk

Isloch Minsk vs Slutsk

Some fans of the teams are calling for boycotts of games due to Covid-19 from RT.


Bujumbura vs Bumamuru

Olympic Stars vs LLB-S4A

Dynamik vs Aigle Noir

Burundi remains one of the few countries in the world with no cases of coronavirus from ESPN India.


Jalapa vs Chinadenga

Ferrenti vs Estelli

Nicaragua still pushing forward as one of only four leagues still playing from Firstpost.


Khation vs Istaravashan

Kuktosh vs Regar-TadAZ

Lokomotiv Pamir vs Faizkand

Tajikistan is one of the few countries in the world without a coronavirus case thus far via ESPN.

Basketball games in Taiwan

Pauian vs Taiwan Beer

Jeoutai vs Yulong Luxgen Dinos

Fantasy gamers in India look to Taiwan basketball to satisfy their fantasy needs via Hindustan Times.

Finally tonight, we have the next round of the NBA 2K players tournament! The first game tonight will be Domantas Sabonis vs Montrezl Harrell.


Sports Today April 4, 2020

Belarus is still going full bore with games in soccer, handball, futsal and volleyball. We added the soccer games and will start to add the futsal teams shortly. Soccer is also being played in Burundi, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. We will add the Tajikistan teams shortly as well. Basketball had some games in Taiwan and Tajikistan. Still no luck on finding a list of teams in Tajikistan but we will keep looking for them.

Soccer Matches


Shakhtyor Soligorsk vs Neman

BATE vs Rukh Brest

Brest vs Slavia Mozyr

With 351 cases so far, the head of the Belarus still sees no reason to quit playing. From ESPN.


Vital’O vs Le Messanger Ngozi

Kayanza vs Flambeau du Centre

Les Liennes vs Atletico Olympic


Ocotal vs Sabanas

Real Madriz vs Managua FC

Juventus Managua vs Dirangen

Here is an article talking about how some of the players are terrified that they are still playing from the Guardian.

Taiwan Super Basketball Games were

Taiwan Beer vs Bank of Taiwan

Yulong Luxgen Dinos vs Pauian

In the NBA 2K players tournament KD went down in an upset. Next round games are tomorrow. Stay healthy out there!


Sports Today April 3, 2020

There are several international sporting events today and one unique American “sporting” activity.

For international matches the Belarus Premier League has two today:

Belshina vs Gorodeya

Dinamo Minsk vs Zhodino

In Africa, the Burundi Premier League also has two matches today:

Rukinzo vs Musongati

Inter Star vs Ngozi City

In Taiwan there were two basketball games that were already completed when this was written:

Bank of Taiwan vs Yulong Luxgen Dinos

Pauian vs Jeoutai

In addition to these matches the Tajikistan basketball league had several games as did the Belarus Mixed volleyball league but unfortunately we aren’t able to find a list of teams for these leagues yet.

In the United States there is a unique “sporting” event that will be broadcast tonight on ESPN. The NBA has organized a NBA 2K tournament with 16 players from the league playing against each other. What a great way to engage fans in this time of no sports. We have added the various games although the times are not fixed as the games may run different lengths.

The first game is Derrick Jones Jr vs Kevin Durant

We will keep you posted on these games as the tournament progresses.


Sports Today April 2, 2020

No sports today that we are tracking. There were two Belarus Premier League Reserve Tournament games but those are lower level games. Tomorrow play resumes in the Belarus Premier League. The continuation of play and more importantly the continued attendance of fans at stadiums has been a very controversial topic. Many have criticized this action but at the same time sports starved media outlets have rewarded the league with TV deals. Here is some of that coverage:

Critical article from Goal.com

Discussion of global interest in the league now from BBC.

A guid of teams to follow from Planet Football.

An article on their new TV deal from SportsProMedia.

Why are they playing and more importantly which games are on this week from The Sun.

WIth almost nobody in the world playing sports, Belarus, rightly or wrongly is the only game in town.


Sports Today April 1, 2020

There are a full set of matches in the Nicaraguan Liga Primera. That is is the only thing we could find. Match list below:

Chirandega vs Juventus Managua

Sabanas vs Real Madriz

Ocotal vs Jalapa

Driangen vs Ferrenti

Managua FC vs Estelli

Also we looked at a collection of stories speculating on when sports will return. Here are a few of them:



One piece of bad news about when sports will return is that China has delayed the start of the Chinese Basketball Association season, which was pushed from January to May and now it is TBD. CBS Article.


Sports Today March 29, 2020

Nicaragua has some more soccer games today. Not sure if the other countries in Central and South America cancelled all their games and if Nicaragua is the only country powering through.

Those matches for today are as follows:

Jalapa vs Juventus Managua

Ferretti vs Chinandenga

Belarus has been playing all sports as normal. This AM we added the soccer/football games from today. We will track the other games in the coming days. There is a lot of outcry and criticism from others for this action so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Here is a recent article describing the countries approach.

Here are the Belarus soccer/football matches from today:

Newman vs Vitebsk

Isloch Minsk vs Smolevichi

Taiwan is playing basketball currently so we added the games from today. I am not sure where Taiwan is with respect to Covid-19 but I think they are considered contained.

Here are the basketball matches in Taiwan:

Yulon Luxgen vs Bank of Taiwan

Taiwan Beer vs Kaohsiung Jeoutai Tech

We think there are some more things going on in Belarus and we will try to get that updated tomorrow or the coming week.

Update – Found this great article on ESPN talking about the situation in Nicaragua where the games are being held in empty stadiums.


Sports Today March 28, 2020

We are just starting out so for today the only three games on our radar are games being played in the Nicaraguan Liga Primera. We added the games to ScoreStream for those who want to chat.

The matches are as follows:

Managua FC vs Diriangen

Esteli vs Sabanas

Real Madriz vs Ocotal

We will dig around and see if there are more matches we can find tomorrow.


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